Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mobile App Now Available for Fairly Competing Podcast

For those of you who have listened to our Fairly Competing podcast, we now have a Mobile App that you can install on your iPhone.

Follow these simple steps:

(1) On your iPhone, go to

(2) At the bottom of your screen you will see a Quick Launch icon (it looks like a window pane with an arrow pointed to the right).

(3) Click on that icon, and then touch "Add to Home Screen."

(4) You can then enter a name for your App (it defaults to "FC Podcast"). Keep the name to 12 characters or less, whatever you choose.

(5) You will now be able to listen to podcasts directly from this app, without subscribing to iTunes or Stitcher.

Next week, the Fairly Competing team - John Marsh, Russell Beck, and I - will discuss common mistakes employers make with non-compete agreements. We should have Episode 4 available by Thursday.

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