Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bring on 2012 - A Time for Change

I'm not sure whether Ron Paul is going to get elected President or not (though I have a strong hunch), but 2012 is sure to bring in a great deal of change.

I, for one, like change. I think it's healthy, good, and invigorating. There is nothing more annoying to me than someone who continues doing the same thing over and over again and justifies it simply by saying "that's how I've always done it." I see this all the time with lawyers, who justify bad work product based on prior practice. This hasn't worked for the Chicago Cubs, and it's not a defense. If something sucked ten years ago, it almost certainly still sucks.

So how does the idea of change affect my blog for 2012?

Here's how. Starting next week, I will publish three regular columns per week which will follow a similar theme.

On Tuesdays, I will publish "The Reading List", a quick reference guide to articles I have read from other attorneys and commentators. A lot of my colleagues publish great websites and I want my readers to see other perspectives and points of view.

On Thursdays, I will publish "Recent Decisions of Interest", which is a more condensed version of the case summaries I frequently post. My goal is to provide more content and more cases in a slightly less jargony format. If there is a truly significant decision that merits further discussion, I may write separately on that. I also intend to include issues that relate to employee transition disputes, but not necessarily decisions touching specifically on non-competition agreements. Summaries and posts may include references to social media and commission disputes.

On Fridays, I will alternate between "The Practical Lawyer" and "The Weekly Posner." The former is intended to follow the theme and style of many former columns, because I have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from clients and fellow lawyers for my prior posts. I won't necessarily to discuss some groundbreaking decision or interesting new non-compete case. Rather, I will impart to my readers what issues I typically see when representing clients and how to begin thinking about them.

The latter will be somewhat of a novel twist for this site, since it won't directly touch on non-compete law. But, (just as it sounds) "The Weekly Posner" will discuss a case or article from the leading jurist in America, Seventh Circuit Judge Richard A. Posner. Judge Posner has had a tremendous influence on my legal career and the way I think about cases and issues. Any attorney who litigates a business case ought to know how Judge Posner has ruled or approached issues in the past. This column will be sort of a tip-of-the-hat to him.

As the year goes, I expect I may revert to my old ways and break from this format on occasion. However, I want to keep this site fresh and interesting and hope that you will enjoy what I provide in 2012.

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