Thursday, June 6, 2013

Episode 10 of Fairly Competing: Trade Secrets, Back to Basics Part 1

Episode 10 of the Fairly Competing podcast is now available for listeners and subscribers.
In this episode, John Marsh, Russell Beck, and I conduct the first part of our trade secrets boot camp.

John, Russell, and I discuss particular types of trade secrets, from those commonly recognized to those that are more difficult to define and uphold in court. We also compare and contrast trade secrets with other forms of intellectual property, discuss the benefits of conducting a trade secrets audit, and talk about the differences between trade secrets and lesser protected confidential information.

Part 2 of Trade Secrets, Back to Basics focuses on security measures and will be available soon to listeners.

Listen to the podcast by clicking on the link below, visiting the official podcast website, or subscribing to Fairly Competing on iTunes.

Listen to this episode

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