Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Reading List (No. 5)

This week's Reading List features a couple of articles on procedure, and then some on criminal prosecution for trade secrets theft. On with it.

Fisher & Phillips discusses the key factors courts look it when plaintiff's pursue ex parte temporary restraining orders and cautions that the circumstances are rare in which such relief should be sought.

Seyfarth Shaw's Trading Secrets blog discusses the new Illinois Appellate Court case which applies Reliable Fire retroactively. I get a brief mention (and a new spelling to my last name!).

From Bloomberg news comes another story on a criminal prosecution for trade secrets theft. This time, the facts involved theft of titanium dioxide technology from DuPont. Don't worry civil trade secrets defendants. These prosecutions under the Economic Espionage Act usually involve an international conspiracy (this one with a Chinese state-owned enterprise) to pirate away industrial information.

Finally, also from Bloomberg news, a federal district court in Illinois convicted a Motorola software engineer of trade secrets theft (but acquitted her of related charges). Hanjuan Lin was somewhat infamously arrested as she was boarding a plane with a one-way ticket to China with $30,000 in cash and over 1,000 Motorola documents.

And my friends think this area of the law is dull. Seriously?

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