Friday, December 10, 2010

Second District of Illinois Appellate Court Reaffirms (Kind of ) Legitimate Business Interest Test (Reliable Fire Equipment v. Arredondo)

There is officially a true conflict within the Illinois Appellate Courts over how the enforceability of non-competition agreements will be determined.

In Reliable Fire Equipment Co. v. Arredondo, the Second District of the Illinois Appellate Court reaffirmed application of the "legitimate business interest" test, at least in some modified format, for employment restrictive covenants. The court engaged in a lengthy historical analysis of non-compete law, both in Illinois and under the common law. Because of the importance of this opinion, I will write five separate posts on this blog.

Part I: The Majority's Holding
Part II: Application of the Facts
Part III: The Special Concurrence
Part IV: The Dissent
Part V: What's Next


Court: Appellate Court of Illinois, Second District
Opinion Date: 12/3/10
Cite: Reliable Fire Equipment Co. v. Arredondo, 405 Ill. App. 3d 708 (2d Dist. 2010)
Favors: Employee
Law: Illinois

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