Saturday, December 15, 2018

Thank You, and Good-Bye

Today, I reach the end.

Ten years to the day I first started this blog, 651 posts later, I have decided this is the last one.


I have a number of reasons why I've decided to call it a day. Not one of them, though, reflects any desire to move on from this area of practice. It has been richly rewarding and intellectually challenging. I am so glad I started this journey.

Over the past 10 years, I've met wonderful clients who have become friends. I think of Tom Christofilis, Paul Ruedi, John Black, Danielle Harrison, and so many others. I hope each is glad they met me and hope they feel as though I've done my very best for them. I certainly am better for having met them.

I've also met terrific attorneys, who perhaps wouldn't know me but for my writing on here. John Marsh, Russell Beck, Victoria Cundiff, Ben Fink are a few that come to mind immediately. These too are great relationships that I owe, at least in some part, to the work set out on this blog.

And my writing itself. I wrote 651 posts. That is somewhere between 620 and 640 more than one of my partners said I'd be able to churn out. Ha! Not bad. Most law blogs fizzle out, understandably so. People get busy. They get frustrated if they see no immediate return. But I never set out to do this to obtain something back. Writing this blog was satisfaction enough.

I had someone ask me earlier this week how I found the time. Well, if you really like something, you make the time. I don't suppose I have time to re-read Ayn Rand novels, but I'm doing it. I don't really have time to coach my kid's softball but I sure as f**k want to do that too. I don't have time to read any more about politics, but regrettably I get sucked into that vortex pretty regularly.

For years now, I've heard people say the blogosphere is too crowded and that I'm swimming upstream. Probably, but who cares? The thing is, I think people can tell when someone likes what they do. And those who read this know I am just not goin' through the motions. I've always tried to make this useful, interesting, fresh, and lively. Some days I don't have it, but I think the majority of them I do.

As for my writing itself, I posted mock opinions on cases that were weird or just outrageous. I've changed my mind on big topics. I've recounted war stories. Said goodbye and paid tribute to the most famous circuit court judge in my lifetime. It was a lot of fun. I left no stone unturned, covering topics wide and deep.

But now it's time. I just have said all that I've wanted to say. And for me that's a sign that I should be done. I don't know what is next, but I have tons of ideas. Whatever I decide to embark on next, I hope I do it as well as I did this, even if for not nearly as long.

And for those of you who read, I simply say thanks!

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