Monday, October 22, 2012

Non-Compete Radio Is Back: Episode 2 Link

It was either watch the debate or finish Episode 2 of my podcast. The first few minutes of the debate were excruciating.

So, after 6 months, Episode 2 of Non-Compete Radio is on the air. You can listen directly to Remedies in Non-Compete Litigation by clicking below. And remember to subscribe to Non-Compete Radio in the iTunes store.

Next week, I will be interviewing Bill Tarnow of Neal Gerber & Eisenberg, a great non-compete lawyer who recently was named one of Chicago's "40 Under 40" attorneys to watch. Bill and I are going to discuss mistakes we see in non-compete and trade secret litigation.

I look forward to having other guests join me in future episodes.

Listen to this episode

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